Concerned about the security of your application?

With Brakeman Pro, you can quickly scan application source code to find potential security vulnerabilities.

Brakeman Pro can find cross-site scripting, SQL injection, mass assignment, and many more vulnerabilities.

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Investigate and manage security reports in one place.

The triage interface makes it easy to investigate and understand security warnings, including highlighting the relevant source code.

In Brakeman Pro you can search, sort, and filter warnings, mark warnings as valid, hide them as false positives, and keep notes for each warning.

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No cloud required - keep your vulnerabilites to yourself.

Brakeman Pro is primarily a desktop and command line security tool.

We care about your privacy and security. Brakeman Pro does not store any information outside of your machine.

Looking for a cloud solution? We have partnered with Code Climate to provide Brakeman Pro automation.

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