Brakeman Pro License Options

All Brakeman Pro licenses include support and updates (including major versions) for one year. Licensed software will continue working after one year, but there will be no access to support or updates until the license is renewed.

Since our software continues working after license expiration, we do not currently offer monthly subscriptions.

Our licenses are split into two products: Brakeman Pro Desktop and Brakeman Pro Engine. The Desktop product is a GUI desktop application for efficient triage and management of scans and warnings. The Engine is a Ruby gem and may be used from the command line or as a library - ideal for use in continuous integration.

Customers may wish to purchase one or both types of licenses to fit their needs.


Brakeman Pro Desktop is licensed per seat in tiers, with discounts for larger purchases.

Our pricing is transparent and publicly posted on our site.

Licenses currently available from our site:

  • Solo - 1 User ($500)
  • Squad - 5 Users ($2000)
  • Legion - 10 Users ($3500)

For more than 10 users, please contact us for details. We also offer an Enterprise site license at a fixed rate.

The Legion (10 user) license or higher includes schedule phone support.


The Brakeman Pro Engine license provides access to the Brakeman Pro gem, suitable for use from the command line, on a continuous integration server, or integrated with application tests.

The Engine is priced at a flat rate:

  • Engine - Unlimited Use ($1000)

The Engine license does not allow for resale in a SaaS product or any other type of product. Contact us if you wish to license the engine for resale.


We believe our pricing is very competitive in the security market and do not typically offer any discounts to individuals or organizations.

One exception is registered non-profits, which may contact us to discuss options.