Installing Brakeman Pro Engine

The Brakeman Pro Engine gem is hosted on a private, authenticated gem server. Access requires a user name and password which we will generate and send to you upon purchase of a license.


To use Brakeman Pro Engine with Bundler, add the Brakeman Pro gem server with your credentials to your Gemfile:

source "" do
  gem "brakeman-pro"

And run bundle install.

To update, run bundle update --source brakeman-pro.

Instead of saving the username and password in your Gemfile, either use Bundler to set up a configuration:

bundle config USER:PASSWORD

Or set them as an environment variable:


Then the source in Gemfile can be simply:

gem "brakeman-pro", source: ""

Ruby Gem

To simply install the gem:

gem install brakeman-pro --source

To add as a gem source:

gem sources --add

Note this will save the configuration in ~/.gemrc.