Brakeman Pro Desktop Imports

It is possible to export reports from Brakeman Pro Engine and import them into Brakeman Pro Desktop. This feature is useful when running Brakeman Pro Engine on a CI server but triaging the results in Brakeman Pro Desktop.

Generating Report

When running Brakeman Pro Engine, use the --export option to generate a zip file report:

brakeman-pro --export

We recommend naming the export file the same as your project in Brakeman Pro Desktop.

Importing Report

In Brakeman Pro Desktop, go to File > Import…

Import Menu

Select the zip file to import, then select the group and project for the results.

Import Menu

If the same group and project are selected for subsequent imports, state such as false positives and notes will be maintained across imported warnings.

Use in Continuous Integration

To export results in CI, the CI server must be capable of generating artifacts.

See our Circle CI documentation for an example.