Advanced Configuration

Brakeman Pro has a number of options not currently available via the desktop interface.

However, Brakeman Pro will honor Brakeman configuration files in the applications it scans.

The default location for a Brakeman configuration file is in config/brakeman.yml.

The easiest way to generate a Brakeman configuration file is to run either the Brakeman Pro Engine or Brakeman OSS with the desired options and ask it to generate the configuration.

For example:

brakeman -C -x UnscopedFind --skip-libs --add-libs-path extra/libs

Would output:

- CheckUnscopedFind
:skip_libs: true
- extra/libs

Engine Paths

To help Brakeman Pro find Rails engines in custom directories, use the engine_paths option. To include all subdirectories use *.

For example:

  - my_engines/*
  - path/to/engine

For more information about advanced configuration, feel free to contact us.