Purchasing Brakeman Pro Engine for Code Climate

The Brakeman Pro Engine is available on the Code Climate Platform. The run the Engine on a project, the project must include a special license file in the source code.

Like the regular Brakeman Pro Engine, we offer Code Climate support at a single price for unlimited projects inside a single organization.

There are two ways to obtain a license to use the Brakeman Pro Engine on Code Climate:

Engine License

Access to the Brakeman Pro Engine on the Code Climate Platform is included in any purchase of a Brakeman Pro Engine license.

The Engine license may be purchased on its own or combined with a Brakeman Pro Desktop license.

See our pricing page for details.

Monthly License

As a special offer to Code Climate customers, we are making the Brakeman Pro Engine available as a monthly subscription. The monthly license is only for running Brakeman Pro on Code Climate. It does not include access to the Brakeman Pro Desktop or Brakeman Pro Engine gem.

Customers may also purchase a full year upfront.