Code Climate Install

Running the Brakeman Pro Engine on Code Climate requires two steps: add the Brakeman Pro license file to the application to be analyzed, and enable the Engine in the Code Climate configuration.

Add License File to Repository

Customers who have purchased a Brakeman Pro Engine license or a Brakeman Pro license for Code Climate may obtain a license file for use with Code Climate.

The license file must be included in all source code repositories to be analyzed on Code Climate using Brakeman Pro. To obtain a license file, please contact Brakeman Pro support.

By default the license file is named brakeman_pro.license. Add this to source control in the root of your source code repository.

Add/Update Code Climate Configuration File

To enable the Brakeman Pro Engine in an existing Code Climate config, add the following to the .codeclimate.yml configuration file:

    enabled: true

This file should be in the root of your source code repository.

To generate configuration files, you may also use the Code Climate command line:

codeclimate init
codeclimate engines:enable brakeman-pro

Custom License File Location

It is possible to specify a custom location for the license file instead of keeping it in the top directory.

For example:

    enabled: true
      license_file: config/.bmp.license