Hosted, Automated Security Analysis

Review each code push with Brakeman Pro, automatically.

Learn how to enable Pro Engine on Code Climate

Automated security coverage.

Code Climate will automatically run Brakeman Pro and any other static analysis tools configured for your projects for each pull request or commit to the master branch.

With minimal setup, Code Climate provides continuous security scans using Brakeman Pro.

Detailed warning information.

The Brakeman Pro Engine provides formatted, enhanced information about each warning, including general knowledge about the warning category and links to more information.

Integrate Brakeman Pro into your workflow.

Code Climate integrates with GitHub, JIRA, Slack, and more to provide automated feedback and easy tracking of code issues.

As a hosted solution, Code Climate makes it easy to share and manage security results across your team.

Start automating your code scans now.

The Brakeman Pro Engine is available as a monthly add-on to Code Climate and requires no software installation.

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