Brakeman Pro 1.3.3 Released

Nov 2, 2016

Brakeman Pro Desktop 1.3.3 and Brakeman Pro Engine 3.4.1 have been released.

This release is an engine update. Changes include:

  • Engine paths can be set via config file
  • CSRF protection checked in all direct subclasses of ActionController::Base
  • Ruby version detected from .ruby-version or Gemfile
  • Ruby version used to disable Symbol DoS check for Ruby 2.2 and newer
  • Avoids warning about where_values_hash in SQL
  • Ignores link interpolation not affecting scheme

Code Climate

We are now offering the Brakeman Pro Engine on Code Climate as a monthly or annual subscription.

If you have not purchased Brakeman Pro yet, you can view our pricing and purchase licenses directly from our site.

Need to try Brakeman Pro first? We also offer a free trial version to test it out. (Note: if you have already downloaded a trial version in the past, use that same link to download the latest version.)

Please feel free to contact us with any questions!