Brakeman Pro Engine Now Available on Code Climate

Oct 5, 2016

We are very excited to announce the Brakeman Pro Engine is now available on the Code Climate Platform!

Brakeman Pro + Code Climate

Code Climate provides hosted, automated code review via a variety of static analysis tools - including Brakeman Pro.

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Combining Brakeman Pro with Code Climate enables continuous, automatic security review of code with minimal setup.

Code Climate integrates Brakeman Pro into your development process and can connect to a variety of other tools, such as GitHub and JIRA.

Code Climate automation

As a hosted solution, security warnings are visible to your entire team for investigation, from anywhere.

Brakeman Pro warning list

All warnings for a single file can be viewed inline with the code, making it easy to understand warnings in their context.

Brakeman Pro warnings in file

Each warning links to customized, detailed information from Brakeman Pro.

Brakeman Pro warning details


Code Climate offers a 14 day free trial of their service and we are offering a 14 day trial of the Brakeman Pro Engine on Code Climate.

Code Climate support is included for all customers who purchase a Brakeman Pro Engine license ($1000/year for unlimited use).

For customers who only want to use Brakeman Pro on Code Climate (with no access to the gem), we are now offering the Brakeman Pro Engine as a monthly subscription at $45/month for unlimited use.

Try Brakeman Pro on Code Climate

Note: a separate Code Climate account is required to use Brakeman Pro on Code Climate.

Existing Brakeman Pro Engine customers can contact us for a license to use on Code Climate.