Brakeman Pro 1.6.0 Released

Aug 22, 2017

This release of Brakeman Pro Desktop includes brand-new Excel reports!

Brakeman Pro Excel Report

The Excel report includes auto-generated charts for warnings by severity and by category:

Brakeman Pro Excel Chart

The XLSX export format is compatible with LibreOffice, Gnumeric, and other spreadsheet programs.

Additional Changes

  • Option to automatically check for updates in Desktop
  • Bundled fonts for PDF export
  • Handle simple guards with return in block
  • More model collection iteration methods are recognized in templates
  • bin/brakeman-pro is now modularized for easier customization
  • Logs are now logged again
  • Improved error message for multi-value s-exps

Brakeman Pro is a static analysis security tool for Ruby on Rails applications.

Brakeman Pro can be used as a desktop application, Ruby Gem, and as a Code Climate engine.

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